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The Landle is a patented lifting device that is easily portable, adjustable, easy to use and functional for a variety of uses around the house, yard or office. The Landle is a single person or two person lifting device that employs virtually every lifting recommendation from OSHA and NIOSH.

The Landle was designed by Physical Therapy professionals in a way that WILL reduce the users risk of injury when lifting, even when used incorrectly. The Landle adds the function and comfortable use of handles to every object and allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the length of the strap to lift from off the floor in the “power zone”, which is the recommended lifting position. Using the Landle employs mechanical advantage so it feels like you are lifting less weight.

The Landle can be used for a limitless amount of single person or two person lifting applications such as: boxes, furniture, loose heavy items, awkward and hard to hold onto materials, mattresses, landscape materials, trees with bulbs, bags of mulch or seed, virtually any piece of furniture or object that would need to be lifted by one or two people. The Landle is made of a lightweight but very strong and durable material that is designed for a long life of use.

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