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Black Dog Salvage

Salvage Dawgs (DIY Network)
We are very proud of our partnership with the crew at Black Dog Salvage and their show on the DIY Network, Salvage Dawgs!  They have used The Landle for several years to help them easily and safely move reclaimed material during their salvage jobs.  They have used The Landle to move very interesting and unique things such as vintage doors, very large wood slabs, antique and historical bars and even bowling alley lanes!  Please be sure to check out Salvage Dawgs on the DIY Network on Sunday nights and visit Blackdogsalvage.com for more information!

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance

The Landle is the ONLY lifting device that is useful to move debris following a natural disaster and we are proud to partner with Sheep Dog Impact Assistance to provide Landles to all of their teams for disaster relief missions nationwide to enable their teams to lift and carry debris easier and safer following a natural disaster!  


Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) is a non-profit organization made up of military, law enforcement, fire & rescue, and EMS professionals – society’s protectors, our “Sheep Dogs” – and volunteers. They exist to engage, assist and empower our Membership and fellow Sheep Dogs with continued service opportunities and provide the camaraderie that may be missing after a shift or tour of duty ends.  SDIA offers Sheep Dog Members and like-minded Volunteers opportunities to satisfy their innate desire to serve and help those around them. They provide “impact assistance” to communities through Disaster Response Missions, and by helping fellow Sheep Dogs through Continued Service Opportunities and Outdoor Adventures. Participants in these programs often feel a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment through helping others.  Please visit Sheepdogia.org for more information 





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